Do not neglect your toenails

Regularly maintained toenails give us a better quality of life and this is especially true for elderly or infirm people who may have difficulty performing this essential task.

Please note - this basic yet professional toenail trimming service is 'not' intended to replace medical help from your doctor or any chiropody/podiatry treatment.

Service consists of an appropriate basic toenail trim and file. This is, however, 'not' a beauty treatment. if you have medical foot problems then you should seek your doctor’s or a chiropodist’s advice. If you are looking for a beauty treatment then we are not the people to assist you. We also do not trim fingernails. 

Do you have problems trimming your own toenails? Worry not for help is at hand!

A simple yet effective basic 'fully-insured' toenail trimming service in the comfort of your own home is offered, performed by a professional therapist (ex-surgical chiropodist) with over thirty years' experience in clinics, rest homes and private properties.

Not everyone wishes to wait for months to receive simple toenail trimming service at an NHS clinic. Furthermore, many health authorities have reduced this much-needed service leading to further neglect.

Moreover, many clinic costs are extremely expensive these days, making treatment impossible for those persons on a limited income.

Long toenails may not only be uncomfortable and a source of irritation, but they can also have an unfavourable effect on a person's dignity, independence and sense of well-being.


Neglected toenails can eventually lead to dangerous foot infections or worse, especially for more vulnerable elderly or infirm people.

In many instances neglected toenails ultimately leads to hospitalisation due to negative follow-on health ramifications. Furthermore, waiting for ‘hard-to-come-by’ appointments at clinics to have your nails attended to can cause frustration and be very time-consuming.

People with conditions like arthritis or perhaps a bad back etc, who might have trouble bending down to cut their toenails, may also not always have a qualified friend or partner able to help them with trimming their nails.

Weight problems can also restrict the ability to simply reach the toenails for some people.  Senior citizens in particular frequently become housebound because long toenails reduce their mobility, due to pain or discomfort. Toenail neglect may also be associated with failing eyesight.

Many medical problems consequently stem from this single factor of toenail neglect. This is largely avoidable with a regular professional nail trimming service.